Article Quads/Blocks

Released Well 29/5b-F10, F10Z, F10Y, F10X, F10W

Central Graben

Appraisal/geotechnical well drilled from the Franklin platform to evaluate upward encroaching...

Released Well | 15 June 2020
  • 29/5b

Completed Well 1/5-5

North Sea

This was an ultra HTHP well on the Solaris prospect with objective reservoirs of the Late...

Completed Well | 8 March 2017
  • 1/3
  • 1/5
  • 30/2a

Completed Well 29/5b-F10W

Central Graben

Near-vertical appraisal well to test over-pressured gas in middle Hod Formation limestones ("Hod...

Completed Well | 22 September 2016
  • 29/5b

Completed Well 29/5b-F10X

Central Graben

This well is the third appraisal sidetrack to be deviated tight-holed from appraisal well 29/5b-...

Completed Well | 24 February 2016
  • 29/5b

Completed Well 29/5b-F7, 7Z

Central Graben

HT/HP wall deviated WSW from the Franklin wellhead platform to the West Franklin prospect; a...

Completed Well | 1 December 2003
  • 29/5b

Released Well 29/5b-F7, F7Z

Central Graben

Jurassic tilted fault block, downthrown to the Franklin Field with a Fulmar sand objective.

Released Well | 23 June 2008
  • 29/5b