Article Quads/Blocks

Released Well 205/21a-6

West of Shetlands

Lancaster appraisal deviated SE with planned 1,000 ft horizontal section in Lewisian fractured...

Released Well | 29 June 2018
  • 205/21a

Completed Well 205/23-3, 3A

West of Shetlands

Exploration well, deviated slightly to NW to test possible NE extension of Lancaster basement (...

Completed Well | 21 March 2018
  • 205/23

Completed Well 205/26b-12

West of Shetlands

Lincoln prospect. Precambrian (Lewisian) fractured basement objective on the south-western Rona...

Completed Well | 7 September 2017
  • 205/26b

Completed Well 205/21a-7, 7Z

West of Shetlands

Lancaster appraisal with sub-vertical pilot hole drilled to locate oil-water contact in...

Released Well | 6 September 2017
  • 205/21a