Hydrocarbon Resources

Article Quads/Blocks

Released Well 110/8a-7

West of Britain

Exploration well, deviated north to avoid shallow hazards and faulting, on Ventnor (FB1)...

Released Well | 29 June 2018
  • 110/8a

Completed Well 113/27b-6

East Irish Sea

Rhyl exploration. E-W trending anticline sensitive to depth conversion. Amplitude anomaly at top...

Completed Well | 1 June 2010
  • 113/27
  • 113/27b

Completed Well 110/8a-7

East Irish Sea

Darwen North exploration well. Fault block structure with Triassic Ormskirk Sandstone objective...

Completed Well | 31 December 2013
  • 110/7a
  • 110/8a