Nautical Petroleum

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Completed Well 22/18c-8, 8Z, 8Y

Central Graben

Vertical marginal HPHT exploration well on Elkland prospect, with joint objectives in Triassic...

Completed Well | 21 August 2019
  • 22/18
  • 22/18c
  • 22/19

The UK 21st Round Part B

Promote Update in the UKCS

This article acts as an update to the paper presented in Volume 16. After going to print,...

Licensing Round Review | 23 June 2008

Completed Well 9/2b-2

Viking Graben

Tilted fault block, Kraken

Completed Well | 23 June 2008
  • 9/2
  • 9/2b

Released Well 9/2b-2

Viking Graben

The 9/2b-2 well was drilled as an appraisal on the Kraken heavy oil discovery. Block 9/2b is...

Released Well | 27 July 2011
  • 9/2
  • 9/2b

Completed Well 9/2b-4, 4Z

Viking Graben

Block 9/2 lies on the eastern flank of the East Shetland Platform, which hosts several...

Completed Well | 27 July 2011
  • 9/2b