Viking Graben
10 May 2019

Exploration well on Berneray prospect; NNE trending fault terrace on E flank of Harris Field with dip-closure to N. Required lateral fault seal to W with prognosed oil column 5,672–5,850 ft TVDSS in Lower Brent. Deviated from north Western Isles drill centre on azimuth of 116° with 57° inclination through reservoir. Final offset 4,715 ft. Water-wet Middle Ness Sandstone at 8,067 ft (5,685 ft TVDSS). Lower Ness Sandstone/Upper Etive oil-bearing with 24 ft column from 8,160 ft (5,733 ft TVDSS) to oil-water contact at 5,757 ft TVDSS (93 ft high to prognosis). Oil zone porosity 29.3%, net/gross 0.89, Sw 33.5%.