Viking Graben
29 October 2018

Exploration well deviated NE from Falcon template to test two Middle Jurassic down-thrown fault blocks on Tern-Eider Ridge with Brent objectives at near-crestal location. Abercromby prospect drilled at 13,562 ft (8,825 ft TVDSS) with 27 ft TVT oil column in Tarbert and Upper Ness (oil down to 13,811 ft (8,883 ft TVDSS), but deeper sands water-wet. Contaminated oil sample recovered. Fairlie prospect drilled at 15,496 ft (9,065 ft TVDSS), with 323 ft TVT gross Brent reservoir mostly water-wet, but with residual saturations and several possible short oil columns trapped below coals. Well was abandoned as a non-commercial oil discovery.