Central Graben
4 May 2018

Deviated exploration well with Triassic (Skagerrak) normal pressure/high temperature objective in large sediment pod on Lomond Terrace (Bear prospect). Small dip-closure but significant fault-bounded/stratigraphic upside. Primary Joanne Sandstone objective proved absent, with Judy Sandstone subcropping Valhall at 13,865 ft (12,936 ft TVDSS); 770 ft gross with net/gross 0.348, porosity 12.3% and Sw of 100%. No shows seen from cuttings or fluid inclusions. Top Smith Bank 14,635 ft (13,706 ft TVDSS). Reservoir pressure 8,711 psi at 13,919 ft (12,990 ft TVDSS) with maximum recorded temperature 151° C at 14,092 ft MD.