Viking Graben
6 May 2022

Mariner Field appraisals drilled to prove full-field STOIIP in undrilled field segments down-flank of proven oil ahead of development. Wells 9/11a-15, 15Z (Segment 9) and 9/11a-16 (Segment 10c) tested separate Maureen Sandstone mounds with secondary targets in overlying Heimdal geobodies (channels). The 9/11a-15 well encountered a full 279 ft oil column (16.1° API) in Heimdal A and B sands at 3,929 ft TVDSS, but no hydrocarbons in the Maureen. The sidetrack, deviated to the SE, proved 263 ft of net pay (MD) in the Heimdal, with Maureen again water-wet. Well 9/11a-16 proved oil in a single Heimdal sand from 4,321 ft to an oil-water contact at 4,354 ft TVSS and in the Maureen from 4,847 ft to an oil-water contact at 4,900 ft TVDSS. No samples were taken.