Viking Graben
30 March 2022

Exploration well deviated from the Skene manifold NNE to Skene North Terrace; a down-thrown fault block on the Skene faulted anticline with a Middle Jurassic Beryl primary objective. The BHA became differentially stuck in the Grid Sandstone and the well was junked. Sidetrack 9/19c-S6Z encountered the Upper Beryl 42 ft high to prognosis at 12,833 ft (11,128 ft TVDSS), with a 37 ft TVT hydrocarbon column (interpreted as oil) and 18 ft TVT of net pay a contact at 11,165 ft TVDSS. Residual shows were seen below the contact but all deeper sands were water-wet to TD of 17,660 ft (13,456 ft TVDSS) in the Lewis Formation.