English Channel
7 September 2021

Vertical appraisal well and geological sidetrack on the Colter discovery targeting Lower Triassic Sherwood Sandstone up-dip of proven oil in 98/11-3. Main hole remained within Colter South fault block, encountering 33 ft oil column with 9 ft net pay in Sherwood at 5,805 ft TVDSS; common contact with 98/11-1 at 5,838 ft TVDSS. Sidetrack deviated north to Colter fault block with oil/gas shows in Cornbrash and White Lias. Top Sherwood Sandstone at 5,782 ft TVDSS was 204 deep to prognosis, below 98/11-3 oil-water contact (5,709 ft TVDSS) and water-wet.